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Welcome to Sri Nalli Trader - Our Strength

Infra Structure

"Your home reflects your personality, your attitude and your style"

We have our own modernized dyeing factory with effluent treatment plant and in built laboratory. We are able to handle all types of dyeing in any volume in a very short period..

More than 500 looms are leased by us in and around our area. Our Leased looms cover both handlooms , powerlooms, autolooms and sulcerlooms which are specialized on flat, dobby and jq textures.

We have an in house stitching unit with 50 imported sewing machines.Apart from this we have about 50 job work suppliers, who undertake our stitching work regularly.

House stuffing
We have the facility to do house stuffing and this is done based on customer’s request with completion of all customs formalities at our premises itself.

We have 200 trained employees directly employed in our factory and office. Also many employees are benefited indirectly through our job works.


Quality controls are ensured at various levels of processes, which help us to bring out only quality products to the shipment..

We have a separate department for quality control, who will inspect the quality of the products randomly in all stages. As the products were inspected at each and every stage, the quality is controlled at the spot and the goods which we present to our goods are 100% quality oriented fine goods.

1. Planning for procurement of grey yarn.We have agreement with leading mills, who are able to supply all yarn counts in any volume at any time.
2. The purchased grey yarn is tested at laboratories to confirm the parameters specified.
3. Dyeing process is planned and specimen of dyed yarn is tested , inspected and colour approval is done before going for bulk dyeing.
4. After completing bulk dyeing, uniformity in colour is checked to ensure colour matching for entire lot, with no pattas ,stikes and black nups.
5. Issue of dyed yarn to weavers based on their performance, which is analysed periodically.
6. Approval of first piece from loom, by our quality inspectors.
7. All the goods received from looms will undergo 100% inspection before issuing for stitching unit either to our in-house or to supplier depending on the product and volume.
8. After converting the product in to made-ups all the goods will undergo 100% inspection before packing.
9. Packing of goods as per customers specification and final inspection of packed goods randomly to ensure their readiness for shipping.

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